Zombie Makeup Kit Stage and Halloween Non Toxic Safe for Kids

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Halloween Makeup Zombie Kit!

We spent quite a bit of time in trial and error testing to come up with the perfect base formula for this Halloween or Stage makeup!

Just use as is, or add a few drops of water and the makeup literally paints on!

Use the sponge applicator included, or any paintbrushes can be used, or fingers, Q-tips, whatever!

Completely safe- Non-toxic ingredients (it's our minerals!)and, it's good for your skin.

Instructions for use included, you supply the creativity!

Washes right off with soap and water!

Shown is a quickie application, you can make it look a lot more even and smoother. The black and white were not used but you can use them to create creases and highlights too!

You Get:
1 sponge applicator
1 large pot of matte grey base
1 small pot of black
1 small pot of sparkle blood brown/red
1 small pot of white