HAZEL Eyes Fun Vegan Eye Shadow Kit
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HAZEL Eyes Fun Vegan Eye Shadow Kit

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You get 5 high quality 3g jars with sifters.

Each jar contains .5 (1/2) gram

For hazel eyes, this kit contains:

SUGARPLUM goes on a plummy pink with shimmer and sparkle!

PEACHBLOW is a fantastic blend of peach/orange/pink color - you'll love how it goes on differently each time you wear it! Named after the fabulous Peachblow glassware, this shadow will quickly become your favorite. A tiny shimmer/shine in it too!

ROASTED GRAPE is just like the name, a roasted grape color- brown with purple undertones. Cassie, our banner model, has it on in her eye picture layered with Iris Lace in the crease.

GREEN SHEEN shimmery darker green with brown undertones. Green and hazel eyed girls can wear this easily, as the green is a darker shade than their eye color, highlighting eye color!

VELVET- deep, rich dark toned purple with lots of shimmer and shine, one of the most popular shadows! Try this as an eyeliner and WOW everyone!