Bronzer and Glow Vegan Mineral Makeup
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Bronzer and Glow Vegan Mineral Makeup

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Medium container is 1.5 grams in a 10 gram pot, and Large is 3 grams in a 20 gram pot of your choice of glow or bronzer.

RIO GLOW is a gorgeous, rich peachy gold glow to brighten your skin, infused with gold sparkle to WOW them!

LONDON BRONZER is a subtle, taupey tan colored bronzer which is perfect to add just a touch of tan to your complexion! Soft, light shimmer reflects light and makes this your #1 summertime bronzer and our Best Seller!

VERSAILLES GLOW is a subtle, yet stunning soft beige glow full of peach sparkle to highlight your gorgeous face- but don’t stop there, sweep onto shoulders and clevage to sparkle up your days and nights!

WALNUT BRONZER~Deep rich bronzer for that healthy, well tanned looking skin!

EXOTIC BRONZER~Dark peachy/tan bronzer with tons of sparkle!

MATTE BRONZER~Dark Brown Bronzer, totally Matte- no gleen or shine!

DREAMY BRONZER~ Super soft tan beige for lighter skin, with a perfect blend of gold and peach sparkles.

FIREFLY GLOW~ Gorgeous golden peach shimmer in a soft rosy brown, easily blendable base!

FAWN BRONZER~ Lovely soft brown/rose color, perfect as a soft bronzer or face highlighter.

POSY GLOW~This light glimmer highlighter gives you a soft, dewy look, and a youthful glow.

STARRY GLOW~ Pretty, medium toned beige infused with tons of glimmery sparkle!

TEAK BRONZER~Deep healthy tanned look with a red undertone