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2 sizes, 10g medium container (holds 1.5g) or 20g Large container (holds 3g) of your choice of colors mineral makeup blush.

Choose from:

Red Quartz~ Soft red slightly on the orange side of the spectrum, a little goes a long way!

Desert Quartz~ This shade has deep, warm pink tones combined with sienna tones.

Wild Current~Brick Red color infused with gorgeous purple shimmer, highly pigmented and can be applied sheer or bold!

Poppy Quartz~ Matte red pink for deep blush.

Cedar Rose~ a lovely deeper pink blush, great as a contour too!

Rose Quartz~ Warm pink with a hint of peach adds a perfect bloom!

Dusty Peach~ Shimmery peach blush, just gorgeous!

Pink Quartz~New Formula! Soft, hint of pink with a sprinkle of sparkle, perfect for fair skin.

Pink Sky ~ a soft rosy medium pink with a touch of shimmer added.

Mango Wisp ~adds the lightest hint of peachy shimmer to your cheeks.

Wood Blush ~A soft brown with a decidedly blush undertone, you've got to try this one!

Doll- Enticing salmon colored blush with silvery shimmer

Coco Parfait-Dramatic cocoa colored base with peachy shimmer, perfect for contouring and dark and tanned skin tones

Shy-Sweet pinky pink with silvery pink sparkles

Bashful- Rosy peach perfectly blendable with sparkle

Cameo- Radiant peach based super light blush infused with gold sparkle

Prom- Nostalgic shimmery gold sparkle sheer rose shade

Gossamer- More a glow/bronzer than a blush, still blends into your natural skin tone with a decidedly quirky golden yellow

Goth- Perfectly matte and densely dark reddish orange for that in your face blush! Heavily pigmented- you were warned!

Give your old makeup the brush off!